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Online IB Model


Online IB Model

Online Introducing Brokers connects investors and firms digitally, offering diverse benefits like transparency, accessibility, and valuable insights for informed decisions. Regulated for ethical practices, it's integral in fostering reliable investment opportunities.


Step 1 - Register & Get Link: Sign up as an Introducing Broker. Obtain a unique referral link from the brokerage.

Step 2 - Promote & Assist: Promote the platform using your link. Guide interested investors to sign up.

Step 3 - Track & Earn: Monitor referred clients' trading activity using your link. Receive rebates/commissions based on their trades.


Business Benefits

- Additional Revenue Stream: Serving as an Introducing Broker offers an additional revenue stream beyond traditional income sources. The commissions earned from referred clients' trades can supplement existing funds, potentially aiding in addressing funding gaps or financial requirements.

- Scalable Income Potential: Introducing Brokers have the opportunity to scale their income based on the trading volume of referred clients. As their client network grows or as existing clients increase their trading activity, the potential for higher commissions and increased income grows accordingly.

- Low Initial Investment: Becoming an Introducing Broker typically involves low initial investment or overhead costs. This business model allows individuals to start referring clients without significant upfront expenses, making it an accessible option for those seeking additional funding avenues.

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