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We provide Turnkey solutions

Take your brokerage to the next level with our FX solutions.


Forex Software

We deliver all needed components to effectively start or expand your own FX business. We provide A/B-book execution, Integrated liquidity, IT hosting on popular forex softwares


Forex License

You can now obtain a forex or foreign exchange / fx broker license and enter the very lucrative business of trading foreign currencies.


Forex CRM

Optional, fully integrated hosted interactive Forex trading website solution with a rich truly multi-language CMS and comprehensive “Traders Room” area


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How does Meta FX Solutions work?

We understand our clients’ needs whether you are a looking to Start Your Own Forex Brokerage or are a fully established brokerage looking for additional solutions to cater to your size and growth. We specialize in customizing a solution that suits your budget and requirements. Our main priority is to offer you the solution you need so that you can focus on the most important parts of your business, the marketing and sales side.

  • Integrated Forex CRM specifically built for the online Forex and CFD Broker
  • White Label, Grey Label Forex Trading Platforms, with Mobile, PAMM and MAMM
  • Liquidity solutions for forex, CFDs and Bitcoin
  • Professional company information service and Forex Licensing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

How Forex Brokers Make Money?

STP forex brokers make money with rebates while B book forex brokers make money by taking risk. STP Brokers may hedge positions internally and B book brokers may use professional risk management systems to increase their revenues. There is also hybrid forex business model which controls risk and get rebates in same place.

Which Forex Platform is the best?

User experience, customization, native language availability forex EA usage are the most wanted elements of a forex platform. Traders like easy charts, low resources, support and communication while trading. You can try demo our forex platforms to understand the best platform for your traders.

How to Get Forex License?

Once you decide to open a forex brokerage, one of the first things you should do is obtain an offshore forex license before being regulated in high-cost jurisdictions. Obtaining an offshore forex license can be done with a relatively low capital investment, low maintenance fees and through a quite simple, expedited process.

How Forex Market Works?

Just like the other financial markets, currencies are sold and bought at the current rate in the interbank market consist of top-tier banks. Forex brokers and small sized banks are connected top-tier banks’ liquidity. White labels, introducing brokers and traders connect to market by forex brokers.

Can Forex Make You Millionaire?

If you don’t have enough trading experience or good trading system; making money on trading is not easy. However forex brokers make stable profits with a good risk management. You can start your own brokerage with our advanced solutions and make stable profits.

Do Forex Brokers Trade Against You?

There are two type of forex business models and B book forex brokers trade against their traders. Traders don’t like conflict of interest and you can start white label or grey label STP forex business without conflict of interest. No risk business increase the credibility of your forex company

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