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All forex marketing strategies aim to generate forex leads. Forex back office and Forex CRM software solutions generate forex leads in your forex internet marketing funnel. Our Forex CRM boosts your forex marketing plan especially your forex affiliate marketing. Meta Technologies created the easiest traders room CRM for forex brokers. 

Forex CRM and Forex Website

CRM for forex broker is necessary since forex website is the keystone of a forex marketing plan. Forex website gets forex leads free by forex internet marketing, forex webinar and forex live chat. It is not easy to manage and collect data if you don’t have a CRM service integrated with your forex website. Forex CRM helps you to record, analyse and convert your forex leads collected by your forex website.

Prospective clients can create new accounts, IB accounts, multi-level IB structure on your traders room area in your forex website which is fully integrated with your forex platform. Also, traders room enables password changes, internal money transfers, and deposit/withdrawal options with forex merchant account integration into your forex website.

Forex CRM and Forex Platform

A broker using a forex platform can do back office operations by a manager. However, forex retention and back office operations require many times and staff since back office operations are not automated. Successful forex brokers are using CRM and traders room solutions, thus they reduce staff costs and save time. 

In addition to this, some plugins like multi-level IB plugin, MAMM plugin requires server installation. Our CRM solutions including plugins work with manager API and you don’t have to have any server access. Traders room can be integrated with forex platform and website in ten days without server access.

Traders Room and Payment Gateway

We work with a number of the world’s most respected organizations in the merchant services industry. We know what it takes to get a merchant account for a forex brokerage. We provide the highest approval rating and some of the lowest rates in the forex industry even you don’t have a forex license.

Our solutions include accepting all major credit cards, multiple currency processing, automated current-rate conversions and integration with many popular merchant providers.

By utilizing merchant service you can enable your traders to make instant deposits into forex platform for immediate trading. With our Traders Room you can choose to pass the merchant fee on to the trader as a convenience fee or have it charged to you as an expense.

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