Forex IB

Forex IB provides market arenas and trading platforms to both traders who are focused completely on forex and traders whose infrequent forex activity stems from multi-currency stock and/or derivative activities.
At Meta FX Solutions, our experienced forex brokers will assist forward-thinking individuals and institutions in establishing their own companies and Introducing Broker or Forex IB. With our vast experience in the Forex industry, you can take your users’ trading experience to the next level by providing a groundbreaking platform, solid support, minimal commissions, and accurate order execution.


Forex Introducing Broker or Forex IB is a partnership program offered by Meta FX Solutions that allow people or companies to earn money by bringing referral business to forex brokers in the shape of forex traders. An IB will begin to get commissions when the clients referred open an account and begin trading in the real market. It is simple to become an Introducing Broker.


The IB portal was designed specifically for IBs to make fees on bringing forex traders to the broker company. An IB can regulate its customers’ requests and manage them. The platform calculates rebates, and reports display IB revenue share, deposits, earnings, withdrawals, and net deposits.
Introducing Brokers can check their balance, track the activity of customers, ask for withdrawals, and incorporate other IBs into their multi-level hierarchy.


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A forex broker is a must-have component for forex traders and market participants. It provides online trading technology/platform. IB gets a fee in the shape of spread and commission in exchange for sending a customer to a broker.
Brokers desperately need a client (trader) for the future of the brokerage firm. IB is employed by those brokers. It receives a commission depending on the amount of money its customers’ trade. That is, they would like their traders to be successful so that they can keep earning a commission.
Everyone, both novice and experienced forex traders, can become Forex IBs. However, before you decide to become a Forex IB, you should look for an experienced trader.


The potential income of a Forex IB is determined by the number of clients or traders for brokers. Every broker has a different formula/pattern for calculating the commission for IBs who work for them and the potential IB income can be calculated using it.


A broker will pay IB Forex a commission in exchange for having a client or trader. The value of commission varies depending on the system and its brokers. It is important to note that each broker has its own set of rules regarding the amount of commission charged to the client. It is calculated as a portion of the commission for the IB who collaborated with the broker.